Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pet Peeve #1

Everybody has them, many have several, and some feel the need to vent about them. So begins a new series I'd like to call "Quirks, Jerks, and Everyday Irks."

1. When 3 miles of highway become a parking lot for absolutely no good reason. Stop and go traffic on the highway is always miserable: your day's schedule is null and void before you even arrive at the office; somewhere between seeing the first brake light and feeling your first twinge of whiplash, you'll inevitably have to pee; and the things you mutter under your breath ("someone better be dead in an accident up there") usually haunt you later with guilty feelings and thoughts of going to hell. But at least when there's a good reason (like a car upside down in flames in the middle of the road), there's an element of compassion for the misfortune of those involved, and it tends not to make me so angry. But the next time I sit through an hour of traffic only to find that the 10,000 cars in front of me were spooked by a police officer writing a ticket way off the side of the road, it's going to be a bad bad day for everyone.


Adam said...

Haha...well done. I have always said that when I am in traffic all of my Christian ethics are thrown out the window...not proud of it but its true!

Rodrigo said...

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Ryan B said...

Rodrigo, I swear if you just cursed my mama... aeshor jiker linguini gopau der celantro de 9-iron en tu hiney.