Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My wife and I have been praying for over 3 years that the Lord would bless us with a family. Various health complications kept us from being able to get pregnant, and our doctors have been saying that it wouldn't happen without the aid of a miracle drug. Not that there's anything wrong with medicine (and given enough time, we may have considered those alternatives) but something about calling a drug a "miracle" doesn't sit right with me. We chose instead to wait and pray.

Today we're six weeks and five days pregnant. We got the ultrasound done yesterday. The picture above is a baby in the sixth week of development. I didn't have the ability to scan our actual ultrasound picture, so I ripped this one off google images, but it's almost identical to the picture we have on the fridge of our own little less-than-one-centimeter baby. The amazing thing is that even at this early stage, we could clearly see (with the doctor's pointing finger) the little guy's heartbeat (or, maybe girl's heartbeat).

The miracle we want to point to at the end of these seasons of drought isn't a breakthrough in medicine, it's the One who gives and takes away. If our lives, our getting pregnant or not getting pregnant, can somehow point to the real Miracle Maker, then we'll stand in awe of Him and be satisfied.

Medicine's great... but... this is a true miracle.


Steve-O said...

DUDE!!!! Congratulations my friend. Gonna be a Dad. Deborah and I are super stoked for you two. I'll give you a call soon.

Ethan and Holly said...


congratulations! we miss you guys!

grace and peace from scotland...

~ethan & holly smith