Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Great Conversation???

Those of you who have been tuned in to my blog lately know that I recently partnered with a couple friends on a new series we kicked off called "The Great Conversation" (see below four or five posts if you want to catch up on the discussion). Adam, the masterful poet behind "Late Night Over Pancakes," and Dan, the excavator of the deep and profound truths within the "Pray Your Gods" blog, had both agreed to reply to my original post concerning "Christian" and "Secular" arts.

When I stepped to the plate a month and a half ago, Dan was in the batters box warming up, as he was the first scheduled to respond (and then Adam was going to respond after him). But alas, our good friend Dan is waiting for the right moment to take his home run swing; he is yet to take a crack at the discussion we have pitched his way. I've been checking his blog almost daily in eager anticipation and I hope you have been too.

He's a busy guy and extremely thoughtful about these things, so this post is simply to cheer Dan on and to give him a friendly push of inspiration- to encourage him to post his response by the end of this weekend, if possible. We're looking forward to reading what you've been processing these past few weeks, my friend.


Long Winded Sheniqua said...

Come on Dan! What, you think we're not busy too. I'm ready to continue with my long winded ways.

Ryan B said...

Hahahaha! Sheniqua?!

long awaited response said...

LWS, it's not like you have multiple little boys, a wife, a full time job and family and friends to keep up with. Honestly. =) No worries though, despite my insanely annoying reputation at being incredibly slow (and long winded as well) I will surely post a response VERY soon. However, don't expect the quality of it to be worth the wait. I've decided to enjoy a blog in the way it was more intended; not as a master's thesis paper on the profoundities of life. =)


LWS said...

OK Dan, it's been 5 days since we were going to see something soon. Let's get on with it!

Brad said...

Dan, write yourself a post-it note and place it on your desk if you have to. Get on it!